The Moonlit Garden

The Moonlit Garden is a website for brief notes, longer essays, interesting links, and patterns I've found interesting.


A brief sketch of AI alignment as an engineering problem
Only states whose citizens are flourishing deserve to survive
From the all-seeing eye of Google, to the AI in every chat room
Traditional software is culturally-unaware, but deep learning models can grasp more of human meaning
Why did so many people get scammed in crypto?
Computers that can't talk to each other can't trade with each other, but LLMs are good at talking

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This is my space to keep notes, explore ideas, and share knowledge. You can find out more about my current agenda here.

Who writes this?

I'm Rob Knight, a programmer and occasional writer. I've been a tech lead, startup founder, and advisor to startups.

These days I'm based in Lisbon, Portugal, but you can often catch me in Vienna and London.

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