Tonight: Presentation to PHPNW

May 05, 2009

Tonight I’ll be giving a presentation to PHPNW (event details here) on the subject of Object Relational Mapping in PHP. Putting together a presentation on this topic has been interesting and has caused me to look much more closely at the different types of ORM available. In particular, I’ve gained a new appreciation of the Zend Framework approach, built around the Table Data Gateway and Row Data Gateway patterns, rather than the Active Record approach favoured by Doctrine (and as used in the Symfony framework).

Active Record’s popularity probably owes a lot to the popularity of Rails, which I’ve never used (I once had a choice between learning Rails and learning Django, and went for Django; I’ve never felt like revisiting it since). I’m not sure that Active Record is such a good fit for PHP, and using Doctrine does sometimes feel like a lot more complexity than is really needed to get the job done.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in ORM and live in or around Manchester (a Venn diagram with a vanishingly small intersection, I’d imagine) then feel free to pop along. See you there!

PS: I’ve now created a page where you can view my presentations - I’ll add this new one tonight once I’ve given the talk.<!–break–>